WSM has currently a network in Europe and Asia. The headquarters is based in Venray, the Netherlands and Ahmedabad lndia. At this moment we are expanding our network with solid third parties in Vietnam and Africa. Through these large procurement and sales networks we are able to introduce innovative products and solutions to new markets. Markets that hold huge potential, especially compared to the European market.

At the moment we mainly focus on Water Storage Systems. Since the introduction of this European technology under the international brand name of our sales organization Dutch Water Solutions, we adjusted the product to fit environmental challenges like the lndian climate.

We are currently expanding our product and services portfolio. lf you are interested to cooperate with WSM, we invite you to contact us. The approach we use and believe in is the SAFE approach. All systems and solutions should be Sustainable, Affordable, Flexible and Effective. lf this is the case, it has every chance to become the next success.

Water storage systems

Our first concept of water storage systems of 50,000-750,000 liters spread over five kits packed in a moisture-proof rigid cardboard box with an “lKEA” manual. Containers are optimally filled (95%), easy to transport by pickup truck or truck, no loss of components to site and easy installation with a WSM trained supervisor and local labor. All components are matched to each other as we strive to industrial production of the product.

Advantages of our systems

  • Fast and easy installation like IKEA or LEGO: depending on the size only 1 to 3 days with a team of maximum four people;
  • A simple toolbox is enough to build the system. No expensive specialized equipment is needed;
  • lf the system needs to be moved to another location, deconstruction and moving is easy, fast and it does not have any effect on the quality or durability;
  • Our systems work in extreme climates. Anywhere between – 40 C and + 50 degrees Celsius our systems will do fine. The same counts for earthquakes. Our systems are made to last;
  • The liner makes it extremely difficult for algae to live and multiply, making sure the quality of the water is maintained;
  • The surface on which the system is being installed needs no special, difficult or expensive preparation;
  • Our systems are always low maintenance;
  • Transportation costs are minimal because of professional and strong packaging and include a non-textual manual making it easy for everybody to construct our systems;
  • Last but not least: the price per liter is already sharp. The bigger the size of the system, the lower the liter price will be;
  • Our Water Storage Systems are the best to get in the current marketl a Use of lnternational brand name Dutch Water Solutions.


Preferring standard 20 and 40 feet containers with a possible loading of a mixture 50, 100, 250,500 or 750K liter tanks respectively 28, 14,7,6 or 6 tanks per container. This means in a one 20 feet container we can transport 1.400.000 to 4.500.000 liters of storage capacity. ln a 40 feet container we can transport 2.800.000 to 9.000.000 liters of storage capacity.