Website WSMStand-alone water purifier station connected to the grid or solar power only needs 200Watt per 1000 liters for purifying the water. Capacities up to 24.000 liters per day. The water first passes a micro filter of 0.1 μ which filters out most bacteria and particles, but leaves the essential, nutritious, minerals in the water, so that your water remains healthy. An extra advantage is that microfiltration does not need a lot of maintenance and changing of expensive membranes after the micro filtration stage, the system uses electrolysis to change existing minerals in the water to chlorine, which is then used to disinfect the water. Our system is the only one that not only monitors the water quality continuously, before and after treatment, but also adjusts the treatment parameters to disinfect the raw water, ensuring that the water you drink is the healthy water you need. Since RO filters out all of this life essential minerals, RO water is not a nutrition.

Safe Drinking Water Station
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