Depending on the size, our modular tanks come in one to three boxes and can be equipped with 5 different covers. The steel tank is made from a high grade galvanized steel. To make sure that our tanks stay in the best condition under any circumstance, including deserts and coastal areas, we offer coated tanks as well. This extra corrosion protection enables longer life, durability, making your investment double worth it. An example of a simple and effective solution. The liner is made of FPP or FPE and depending on the application, we supply it in 0, 60, 0.75 or 1.0 mm. This liner is known for its high UV and chemical resistance. Our liner will last in the desert as well as in the jungle or in the Himalayas. We guarantee that! Not all surfaces are the same. That’s why we use a special bottom and wall protection safeguarding our liner from the environment. These PP geotextiles have an extremely high puncture resistance and are a simple and smart way to protect the liner. Your stored water is only useful if it is kept in a good condition. Unfortunately not only humans like water, algae do too. In most cases, water contaminated with algae is not a good thing. That’s why we invented different protection covers for different situations.


The most economic protection cover is our tensioned T-Cover, which is pulled over our tank and then secured. It not only prevents unwanted items from entering in the tank and evaporated water to go out, but it also allows you to collect and store extra rainwater, saving you even more water.

F-Cover and C-Cover

In other situations a floating F-Cover might be the better solution for large capacity tanks. To store purified drinking water, we also can provide you with the closed C-Cover, which completely seals off your water from its surroundings.


Our hard H-COVER, even prevents monkeys from playing in the water. It is a solid steel roof made of trusses and corrugated sheets of galvanized steel. If required we can also integrate solar panels on top for your power needs. Our team will always look for the best and most effective solution.

Modular Water Tanks
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