Three independent operating components are combined to form an integral operating system. The system consists of a modular tank with an H-COVER which completely closes off the tank, equipped with a manhole and ladders for easy access. The purification system supplies up to 24,000 litres per day of high quality WHO standard drinking water. The quality of the water is continuously monitored and can be read out in the cloud or on your mobile. The solar energy station generates 1, 3 or 5 Kw of 240V AC or 24V/48V DC, the purifier only needs 200Watt per 1000 litres for purifying the water. The remaining power is used for charging the battery packs, or may be delivered to the grid or used to charge your phone, laptop or other equipment’s. The solar panels are integrated into the roof of the modular tank, hence, no extra space is required.

Hybrid H2O solar energy station
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