WSM is founded by two Dutch entrepreneurs. We have experience in European water technology, including implementation of these technologies in countries all over the world under any environmental circumstances.

We strongly believe taking a solution from country A and implement it in country B is not enough and not efficient. Often the right technologies are chosen, however they need to be adjusted to local knowledge and local conditions. WSM combines the best of both worlds: proven European technology with local expertise and customization. That makes WSM products and solutions highly effective, long lasting and accepted in the local markets.

Our Vision

WSM is striving to improve water management and water quality in countries where this is needed by tapping into available knowledge on water handling from the Netherlands combining this with entrepreneurship in a local network thus enabling Sustainable, Affordable, Flexible and Effective solutions in line with global standards.

Our Mission

We have access to all available technologies in the field of water and drinking water and we adjust these technologies to the needs of the local markets. To make sure local companies and communities have access to high quality water for their businesses and if the business model is valid, we will look for industrial partners to produce, pack, distribute and export these products worldwide, in an industrial way.